Website design Fort Wayne

Key Metrics website design and hosting is a great way to work with a web designer in the state of Indiana. We help you get your online game on. Depending on the service or a product, almost eighty-three percent of the consumers are visiting a service’s or company provider’s website before they make a purchase.

Due to the reason that many consumers are basing their decisions on the internet experience, usability, accessibility and appearance websites, Digital Marketing Services make it possible for your business to stay on top of the competitive market. It helped businesses to achieve their set of goals and that investing in a positive and solid Fort Wayne web design is the key to success. This could also mean a very solid investment for you.

Why is website design is important?

  • The website design is the reflection of your online business. If your website is a non-responsive website and looks like something out of the 90s, consumers assume that the services or products also share the same characteristics. A clean and high quality website reflects the type of professionalism customers expect in a quality business.
  • A visually appealing website design increases the engagement and ultimately conversions (phone calls or emails). Key Metrics creates websites and KPI (key performance indicators) that provide quantifiable results. We take the guesswork out of usability, readability and optimization. 
  • When a customer is completely comfortable with a website layout, they are more inclined to trust doing business. Whether that’s getting people to call or to sign up for your email list.

Why Key Metrics Website Design?

If you already understand the importance of why brands need a professional website & hosting then we’ll tell you what sets us apart. What sets us apart from others is that we carefully layout a strategic plan with SEO, SEM and usability in mind from the start. We make it the highest priority to turn visiting customers into paying customers.

Using industry cutting edge technology and proven design layouts, we make have access to your best services, contact details, locations and information.

Digital Marketing in Fort Wayne website design/designing helps your online business prosper and grow. Some of the factors that set our web design are:

Responsive Mobile Design

Key Metrics performs data analysis in order to determine what percentage of your visitors are using a mobile device. We then create a responsive website design that serves a mobile friendly version of your website. As a result, the consumers who view your website on their tablet, phone or desktop are seeing the device optimized version respectively. The fact remains that the mobile-age internet is here to stay. Over 40% of internet users access to the web via smart phones. Google has already implemented mobile first indexing technology which means they are serving best performing websites in the search results. If your website is a dinosaur chances are that Google won’t want users to see it. If your website is not yet compatible or mobile friendly, then you will potentially lose one out of four consumers.

Site Performance

The performance of your website can have a direct effect on the number of clients that are converted into customers. If website fundamentals are not present, Google may penalize a website and it lose visibility. Website performance, along with technical SEO, is a high priority for us. 

Affordable Website Hosting with Built-in Digital Marketing

Key Metrics Digital Marketing Packages are being offered at a fairly reasonable price. We understand that small business start-ups may not have a large marketing budget and so we designed affordable solutions. Our hosting plans reflect your budget. Although we are currently offering just 3 packages, we can also customize a plan for larger businesses as well. Our Website Design packages are SEO conversion friendly. If the conversion rates and SEO are a high priority for you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Creative Ideas that Perform

Our goal here at KM Digital Marketing is to customize your website around your brand identity. These ideas are geared toward improved conversion rates and excellent customer engagement between the clients.

Why Partner With Us? KM Digital Marketing makes it a priority to address the deepest concerns of our valued clients. Our dedication and commitment to our job set us apart from other larger providers. We take pride in offering an effective and innovative web design solution that ensures the evolutionary growth of your business. Call 260-710-5415 today!