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Our Suite of Digital Marketing Services

Providing price plans for small businesses with big corporation results. 

Our team has been providing Digital Marketing service for the last 3 years by direct collaboration with our clients. As a Digital Marketing company we not not only provide services such as digital marketing & web-hosting, but we also provide genuine care & attention to the well-being of your business. 

You’re not just another number to us. We aren’t detached like that. We believe in forging long lasting connections with people. We’re here for you. We have an invested interest in your success. Contact us for more information.

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Strategic Digital Marketing Services

Organic SEO

Backed by our team of experienced SEO strategists- improve ranking in SERPs by improving on your keyword analysis and usage, & back linking.

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Local SEO

Increase visibility for your website and be seen by local consumers. We are he best local SEO strategists in Indiana. Our primary objective is to bring a quantifiable increase in traffic and phone calls. 

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Pay Per Click

Inquire about our full-service Pay-per-click campaign management service. Key Metrics has over 5 years proven experience in Google Ads as well as Facebook ads. 

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Inbound Marketing

Explore new business opportunities across multiple popular social media sites that allow the audience to connect and communicate with your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Pay per click advertisements can be expensive if your keywords don’t already rank above average in SERPs. Our team of SEM strategist will optimize all aspects of social media marketing so that your costs are lower. 

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Off-Page SEO

As with traditional marketing, digital marketing also requires various off site management. Such as reputation management and local directories. 

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“Every business should have a comprehensive digital marketing plan”
– Randy Conrad

Full Service Digital Marketing Plans

Entry Level DMP

This is a customized entry level digital marketing plan suited for startup and new businesses.. 

  • Local SEO 
  • Email Management 
  • Organic Search 
  • Off Page SEO 

$499 / per month

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A fully customized digital marketing plan best suited for well established businesses

  • Local SEO – Level 2
  • Email Management – Level 2
  • Organic Search – Level 2
  • Off Page SEO – Level 2

$799 / per month

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Big Daddy DMP

Fully customized digital marketing plan best suited for larger well established businesses

  • Local SEO – Level 3
  • Email Management – Level 3
  • Organic Search – Level 3
  • Off Page SEO – Level 3

$999 / per month

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Every digital marketing plan is carefully customized around your company’s needs and budget. 

The Difference

Is your competition implementing an effective online marketing plan?

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s basically the equivalent to traditional marketing but for the internet

Digital marketing Fort Wayne utilizes electronic devices such as computers, cellphones, smartphones, game consoles and tablets in order to engage your business to customers. It applies platforms and technologies like email, websites and social sites. Social media marketing is a key component of digital marketing. Most companies employ digital and traditional marketing channels but today, digital marketing has become an innovative way for SEO specialists to rank websites. It helps you increase ROI compared to traditional marketing method.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing and management can either make or break a company

This is an early form of digital marketing which involves database marketing such as delivering personalized and targeted electronic messages. Part of email marketing is segmenting customer data in priority containers. It has been continuously developed and is still 100% valid today. With better technology today, we can just about automate 90% of email marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization 

If Google doesn’t understand your website, no-one will. 

SEO is the science of boosting your site’s visibility in major search engines. This is done through increasing your ranking by a specific keyword or augmenting keyword volumes that your site ranks for. There are various SEO strategies like on-site technical improvement and analysis, content creation, link building, blogging, and outreach. The skills that are involved here are technical capabilities, creativity, and analytical approach.

Pay Per Click 

Organic SEO is more of a marathon, whereas PPC is a sprint.

PPC or paid search is managing of paid ads to land on search results. These paid advertisements are placed ahead with the tight organic search results. It costs per click based on the competitiveness of each keyword which you are bidding on. PPC management is technically al bout maximizing your profit for increased ROI. The skills involved here are keen observation for details that data requires creativity for making ads and responding to data trends.

Text messaging 

If you aren’t occasionally sending a perfectly timed text message to your customers, then you’re out of touch.  

Mobile marketing has grown more popular with increased use of smartphones worldwide making it even more familiar in Fort Wayne digital marketing. Since more people are using smartphones, it resulted to more dependency on these mobile devices for timely and quick information. Text messaging is another strategy that several people may view as spam but when it is used correctly, it can serve you more effective customer messaging technique.

Social Media 

Billions of people are on social media so companies need to be too. 

The social media management is not only about sending tweets but it is also about managing your brand image by various social channels available. Facebook and Twitter are most popular but LinkedIn and Pinterest have significantly grown in popularity too. This is also a combination of proactive business management and development which helps you fill high levels of your sales funnel along with customer support to help both ends of the funnel. Management of social media has also become more complex and mature over the years with better reporting tools and greater selection of social channels. The skills needed here are brand awareness, creativity, customer service and awareness of how the metric of social media reflect on your marketing metrics.